Friday, July 29, 2011

Computer Update

I am still without a computer. My motherboard was bad, so it's time for a new one, just don't know when it will happen yet. I'll be back soon, hopefully!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mommy Doesn't Compute.... For Good.

The Super Clap got the best of my computer and it bit the dust last night! Thank goodness for library computers! Will be back in touch with the blogging world when my computer is (hopefully) fixed!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mommy Doesn't Compute

We have all just returned from another week-long family summer vacation (you may recall last year's "vacation"), and I was planning to share photos from said vacation, except that for some unknown reason, none of my USB ports are working. I suspect that my computer may have contracted a strain of Super Clap, because no matter what I try, I cannot heal it.

Before we left for our vaca, I tried to print out a recipe, only to be greeted by the lovely yellow and orange flashing lights on my printer and a message on my computer saying that the something or other was not being recognized. I turned off the printer and turned it back on. Same flashing lights. I restarted my computer, only to be told that it recognized new hardware and was requesting me to insert the CD for my printer so it could install the new whatchamacallit. Needless to say, I do not have the CD for my printer, or if I do, I have no idea where it is. I gave up trying to fix it and resorted to writing down the recipe instead. (Which, by the way, was a very delicious banana muffin recipe. You should really try it out).

Fast forward to today when I am trying to upload this past week's photos to my computer. I open my photo program, plug in my camera and turn it on (the usual steps to take when uploading photos). Nothing happens. I turn off the camera and turn it back on. I receive an error message stating the the USB device is not being recognized.

Image Source

My brilliant computer recommends that I reconnect the device, and try again. I do this, and then my whole computer shuts down on me and restarts itself! WTH? After it restarts, I turn on the camera again. The computer is now recognizing the camera, but asking me to choose the program to launch the action. The only problem now is that there are no programs listed to choose from! WTH? So I quickly look up directions online as to how to resolve this problem. I walk through all of the steps without any problems until I reach the one that tells me to insert my camera's CD. Crap. I have no idea where that one is either. How frustrating.

So now I'm drinking a beer, which I hate, but one of the boys dumped Berry Blue Bubble Wash on the area rug in Owen's room earlier tonight and I am at the point where I don't care to even share the photos anymore. At least not tonight. So I have given up on figuring out how to cure Super Computer Clap and am now on Facebook discussing with my sister and mother how to get the bubble bath out of the rug. (I ended up dragging it into the bathroom and attempted to rinse it out in the tub).

Has anyone else had this USB problem before? Do I really have to venture up to the attic or down to the basement to try and unearth CDs that I haven't needed in years?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mommy Doesn't Swim

This Fourth of July post is obviously a tad late, but quite honestly, I have been too lazy and unmotivated to write it until today. :-)

We did absolutely nothing for the Fourth of July this year. Our town doesn't put on a fireworks display; our big celebration is the annual Dairy Princess Festival weekend. And we were not invited to any barbecues this year (as we were last year), and Daddio had to work, so our holiday was pretty much uneventful. Well, that isn't entirely true. We actually took the boys to the beach to go swimming. Or rather, Daddio suggested that we take the boys to the beach to go swimming and I went along for the ride.

I think he was trying to be a monster in this photo.

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