March 2011:
Owen: "That's my secret today. Ben made a poopie. It's a giant one I tell you!"
Owen: "Ben just made a mess."
Me: "Will you help him clean it up, please?"
Owen: "No. I's tired of being a good big brother."
Owen: "Mom, I have a secret for you. You's too much pretty. And you's heart is too much pretty too; it has sparkles."

February 2011:
Owen: "I's tired of being Super Owen. I want to be just Owen again."
Words a mother never wants to hear:
Owen: "Watch my pee pee, Ben. Watch."
Owen: yelling out from the bathroom: "I have hair on my pee pee! And my butt. 'Cause I's getting old!"
Owen: "Mom, I have a secret for you. You's a pretty cook.... but that doesn't mean you's a good cook."

January 2011: 
Owen: "You want to see me pee, Ben?" (He's teaching him how to pee like a big boy) 
Owen: "See? It's like a slide. And the people go Whee! all the way down and go swimming in the potty. You see all those people swimming?" (as he points to the bubbles in the toilet)
Have you ever ...heard anyone else describe pee as being like a water slide?

December 2010: 
Owen gave me a lesson in gender roles. 
Owen: "Mommies can't touch guns. They's not older than Daddies. You's can only touch dresses." 

November 2010: 
Owen wanted waffles for dinner. So I made him some apple spice waffles, which I've made before and he has enjoyed. While he is eating them, with his head resting on his hand and the most serious look on his face, Owen: "Mom. You really got to stop putting apples in these waffles."
And then he shakes his head at me....

October 2010:
Owen's wisdom, spoken to Ben:
Owen: "Camping is like pizza."
Me: "How is camping like pizza?"
Owen: "It's good."
Owen: "It's dark outside."
Me: "Yes, it is."  
Owen: "Where is the sun?"
Me: "It's hiding behind the clouds."
Owen: "Why is the sun behind the clouds?"
Me: "I don't know."
Owen: "I know why." 
Me: "You do? Why?"
Owen: "Because him going poopies!"

September 2010:
Owen: "Mom, you're fat."
Me: "Where did you hear that?!"
Owen: "From Daddy."
Me: "Thanks a lot."
Owen: "You're welcome."

August 2010:  
Me: "Owen! Did you go poopy in your underwear?!"
Owen: "Yeah."
Me: "Why?!"
Owen: "'Cause me crazy."
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