Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dinner Date

Two weeks ago Owen kept bugging me that he wanted his "girlfriend" Lilly to come over for dinner. So this past Tuesday morning I made him call her to invite her over. Her mom answered the phone:

Miss T.: Hello?
Owen: Hi.
Miss T.: Who is this?
Owen: Me. (Duh.)

After a complicated conversation between two 3 year-olds, it was decided that the date would be Thursday night. Lilly's daddy would be working and her mom had a rummage sale to prepare for at church, so it would just be Lilly. I let Owen pick the meal, (pizza), and he made sure that Lilly's seat at the table was all set up with a placemat.

They both had a good time. There was dinner:

And there was dancing:

Great fun was had by all, but I warned Owen that next time he may not want to have his little brother on a date with him as he is apt to steal the spotlight away from him. Girls are suckers for babies. :-)


  1. Too cute, however he might also not want to mention in front of the ladies when he needs to pee. Who is teaching this kid date etiquette? Daddio? The poor child is doomed.

  2. awwwwwww. That's impossibly cute. Although, I might be worried if my son was getting into the dating game at 3... You don't want him to have a baby-momma anytime soon, and at this pace, it'll happen when he's 6 ;)

  3. @OBG: Actually, on the song, it says "I got a Jeep" and Owen thought he said "I gotta pee" which apparently was hilarious to him.

    @Steve: It gets better. This weekend we were at the playground and he was sitting between two blonde girls, so I asked him, "Were you trying to get another girlfriend?" "Yeah." "Did it work?" "No." "Why not? What did they say?" "No way, Jose." (He claims to have 10 already, Mommy included).

  4. That boy's been hanging around his cousin, Dustin, too much.


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