Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Lessons I Learned Today.

Today I did something that I rarely ever do. I went outside in the snow. With the boys. And it was fun!

Usually, the only time I ever dare to brave the snow is when I have to walk out to my car, or take the garbage can to the curb. I do not shovel. I do not use the snow blower. That is Daddio's job. However, Daddio is away for work in New York City for the weekend  and dear old Mother Nature decided to drop a foot of snow on us last night. Wet, heavy snow. Thankfully, one of our kind elderly neighbors sent her snow blower man over to us this morning to clear the driveway for us. (One of the many perks of living in Smalltown). So that saved Owen and me the hassle of trying to shovel a foot of snow while Benny was napping. Thank goodness too, because that snow is heavy!

I still had to clear the walkway to the driveway and tidy up the spots that snow blower man missed (not complaining!). So I bundled up the boys, dressed myself up in Daddio's snow gear (to the delight of Owen who could not stop laughing at me. "Probably that don't look good on you, Mom."), and headed outside to shovel some snow!

An hour later, and we're all dressed.
Armed with our shovels and a sled, we bravely set to our task. We lasted about 15 minutes before I decided to take the boys for a ride in the sled instead. 20 minutes later (for what should have been a 5 minute walk under normal conditions), we arrived home and finished the driveway.

I learned 10 valuable lessons today from my 45 minute experience outside:

1. It is best to leave your daily shower for after you finish shoveling. This is an activity that really works up a sweat!

2. Little boy boots can, and will, get stuck at the bottom of a three-foot snow bank!

That is A LOT of snow!

3. Make sure the camera battery is fully charged before taking it outside. Also, check to make sure there is enough memory room so you don't end up inadvertently deleting an awesome video of Owen traversing a 3-4 foot snowbank while trying to delete photos from this past autumn instead.

4. Before heading out on a nice leisurely walk around the block with two boys and a sled in tow, double check that every neighbor has shoveled their portion of the sidewalk first!

Just because someone did ours for us, doesn't mean everyone's sidewalk is clear!

5. Trying to pull two boys and a sled through a foot of snow covering a portion of the sidewalk is harder than one would have thought! Probably not my best idea.

6. Put a snowsuit on a 1 1/2 year old and he will instantly become helpless, unable to walk, pick up a shovel, bend over, stand up, or sit in a sled without toppling sideways.

He stood here for ten minutes before realizing that he could still walk.

7. If you give that same little boy a shovel, he will never want to let it go. He will take it on a ride in the sled. He will want it to sit next to him during lunch. He may even want to take it with him to bed. Do not give a little boy a shovel.

8. Feed the boys lunch before taking them outside to play. It would have made for a less cranky, more pleasant Ben.

Ma. Ma! MAAAA!

9. Men make shoveling look so much easier than it really is!

10. Spring cannot arrive soon enough!

Ben and his shovel, inseparable!


  1. Thank you. I wish that I had taken a different camera out with us so I could have taken photos of the boys in the sled, of Ben toppled over like a turtle on its back, and Owen stuck in the snowbank.

  2. Love the new blog header, it's great! I haven't been out yet in the snow with the kids, you are brave :)

  3. Thank you Laura! And it was really more out of necessity rather than bravery! We had places to go this morning and I needed to be able to get out of the house to the garage. :-) Good to see you back again!

  4. God bless you! I am the stay inside and I'll have hot cocoa waiting for you kind of mom. Hubby likes the snow so I lucked out there!


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