Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking!

The boys and I went apple picking for the first time (ever!) yesterday. We went with a bunch of fellow Border Patrol families to two different orchards. The first one was a complete bust! There were no good apples, only tiny rotten ones. The second place was A LOT better! Owen had fun picking the apples from the trees and Ben had fun picking up the rotten apples from the ground! Now I have to figure out what to do with all of these apples! Enjoy the pics!

I'm ready to go, Ma! Point me in the right direction!

The grass was a little too long for Mr. Ben!

How about that one up there, Dad?

I'm not so sure about this one.

This one looks good!

This bag is getting heavy, Mom

Appropriately dressed for apple picking.

Can I have that apple?

No, I don't want to hold your hand, I want your apple.

Okay, fine. But I'm only holding it for a second.

They had a lot of fun!

Darn pacifier-always ruining good photos.

Handsome boy.

Ben was a big help.

Here, you can have this one.

Ew. What's that?

Apple picking crew #1

Apple picking crew #2.


  1. First of all, who are these kids, because they certainly aren't the ones I remember. What, did you exchange your boys for older ones? Second of all, who gave Owen the horrible haircut? That's awful. But, it looked like you had a blast picking apples.

  2. Owen actually hasn't had his hair cut in a while, so it could be the way that it is growing out? They did have fun.


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