Thursday, November 11, 2010

Isoki Bag; Yes, Please!

The October 2010 issue of Parents magazine featured this diaper bag in a mini-article about "awesome imports from Down Under".

It's the Urban Reversible Saddle Tote Bag from Isoki. Hefty price tag aside, (it's nearly $200), I really like this bag. Not only is it pretty stylish, resembling a purse more than a diaper bag, but it has a lot of bonus goodies that come with it. I don't know how well you can tell from the picture, but it comes with a smaller storage "satchel", a changing pad, and an insulated cooler bag.

Other items offered on the site are a small storage wallet, (I wish that I had had one of these!)

And a really great looking portable changing mat.

Of course it's too late for me to make any splurge purchases for items like these. I'm actually in the process of getting rid of my baby items. But I thought that they were really cool and wanted to share them with anyone who might have the opportunity (and the means!) to get one of these in the future.

Even if your not a parent, or interested in these items, you still HAVE to visit their homepage to take a gander at what I'm assuming is Australia's version of a stripper mom? I'm a little confused by the woman featured with her boobs up to her chin, wearing Daisy Dukes, red stilettos heels, and clinging to a rope pole. Seriously, why?

Upon further investigation, it may be worth noting that this woman is only featured on their US website, marketing bags available to the United States. (Their Australian site shows more sophisticated, and fully-clothed moms and their children). Is this woman the image Australia immediately associates with American mothers? Do they think this is what a typical American mother looks like? Or dresses like? I sure hope not!



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