Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our October Adventures

I am finally jumping on the bandwagon to post the obligatory All-Things October (read: pumpkin patch, Halloween) photos.

The boys are lucky enough to have a grandma who grows pumpkins for them every year! This year the pumpkins were HUGE and I had to call in the reinforcements just to get them out of my trunk!

I don't think it's going to fit in my truck, Mom.

I was supposed to bring the boys to a nearby farm that has a wagon ride, pony rides, corn tunnel, petting zoo etc., but when I woke up that morning to a dusting of snow, I opted out. It actually turned out to be a really nice day, but snow just has a really depressing affect on me and there was no motivating me to step outside after that.

Instead, Daddio and I took the boys to a local family farm to pick out some more pumpkins. (Because apparently, two LARGE pumpkins were not enough for our front porch. We ended up with 8! more, in varying sizes).

Can I have this one?

I am NOT taking down my hood for a picture, Mom

That night we attended a pumpkin carving party where Daddio had big intentions of carving three of the pumpkins, but he only got around to one of them.

Okay, I will sit here because you gave me a chip, but I am NOT looking at the camera!

Benny knows how to listen. But not look at the camera.

They also had a Halloween themed craft at the party (Owen was thoughtful enough to make one for Ben too. Awww). And they decorated Halloween cookies. 
Why can't I have TWO houses on mine, Mom?

 I hosted a girls' game night AND a had a lasagna dinner at our house while Daddio was out of town for two weeks, all by myself. (And for those of you who don't know me well, that's a pretty big deal!) I even decorated with pretty autumn colors:

How great are autumn colors?

(That would be my apple and pumpkin pie sitting there on the buffet. And walnut cookies that I soon discovered Owen is allergic too. Just like Mommy. Why am I not surprised?).

The napkins match the place mats. I was so proud. We don't usually even have napkins in the house.

 For Halloween, Owen dressed up as a pumpkin. His costume was made by Grandma S. 12 years ago for my nephew. It's really held up well!

Can we just go already? The candy won't be there forever!

And Ben was a cuddly little bear. Or not so much. He was more like a grumpy, whiny, little bear. He made it to six houses before we headed back to ours to hand out candy for the rest of the night. Grandma S. also made his costume. He hated the headpiece part and would only leave it on while we were outside:

How long do I have to wear this?

(Grandma S. also made Owen's first Halloween costume two years ago):

How much longer do I have to do this?
 Isn't that the cutest skunk you've ever seen? That Grandma S. She's pretty handy to have around!

That was pretty much it for our October. We are still working through a major horde of candy, split three ways. We are THOSE parents who sort through the candy ahead of time and get rid of the pieces that we don't think Owen should be eating, like Pixie Sticks, Charleston Chew, and Almond Joys. (The latter because they are Mommy's favorite!) But don't worry, he ended up with most of the loot and a pretty good variety too, (Kit Kats, Twizzlers, Three Musketeers, Reese's etc.).

And now that we are in November, I suppose it's time to start planning for Christmas Thanksgiving. Let's not rush things TOO much!



  1. Woah!! Thats a huge pumpkin...
    and whats with the wart-y ones?
    Also... Ben is so cute, I can't believe how big he is now... just last christmas he was so different!! plus, it seems like just yesterday I went to Texas with Gma S. to see little Owen just born... now he is like a real big boy!

    so its not just me with the walnuts? I didn't know you guys had the same issue...

  2. No, it's not just you with the walnuts. I actually suspect that it's a more common thing than I originally thought. My friend Laura has the same issue. As does Tiff's husband.


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