Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brotherly Love

Owen and Ben are slowly starting to discover that they may actually love each other. I like to credit myself for inspiring this discovery.

Any time the boys have to serve a time out for doing something to one another, I always make them apologize for it with a hug and a kiss. They also (sometimes willingly) do goodnight hugs and kisses each night and before naps. It's bound to happen that when you are hugging and kissing someone this much, you are going to discover that you actually like, maybe even love them!

It is now a frequent occurrence for Owen to actually ask Ben for hugs at bedtime. Ben usually goes along with this and lays down on Owen's chest for hugs, then slobbery, boogie kisses. It's really quite sweet.

It really makes me happy to see this, especially since Owen used to complain any time Ben looked at him (when he was just 3 months old, mind you), and adamantly claimed that he did not love Ben.

I love my boys.


  1. I love your boys too. This is so sweet it makes me tear up.

    p.s. Did you rearrange Owen's room?

  2. Yes. He kept asking me if he could have his bed over by the windows. So sometime this fall I moved it to the corner on the other side, at a diagonal.


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