Monday, January 10, 2011

Festive Flashback I: Reindeer Cookies

I meant to write this post ages ago, as in last month, when it was still Christmastime, but like everything else I plan to do in my life, I forgot. Better late than never, I suppose!

I was very proud of these reindeer cookies that I made for a Christmas party and for work. I initially saw the idea in an article in Parents magazine. I decided to make them for Daddio's work Christmas party. There were going to be a lot of kids there, so it seemed like a cute idea. I made them using a cinnamon sugar cookie recipe that received rave reviews. I'm not going to even share a link to the recipe because they were awful! To me, sugar cookies are supposed to be soft and moist. These were anything but. I suppose that if you don't mind hard sugar cookies, they actually didn't taste awful, (considering that I mistakenly put in nutmeg instead of cinnamon; the similar containers were right next to each other and obviously I wasn't paying attention). But I could not get past the hardness of them.  The kids at the party, however, gobbled up most of them.

Coincidentally, the Princess of Sarcasm created her own reindeer cookies right before I had baked mine. She, intelligently, used a gingerbread cookie mix to make hers, and I loved the idea and how they looked. Now, even though I have previously expressed my thoughts on cookie mixes, I decided to use one for round two of the reindeer cookies. I made them again for a "food party" at work, this time with a gingerbread cookie mix. I think that, although both were cute, the gingerbread ones look much better (both shown below).

What do you think?

Culturally diverse cookie platter?

Gingerbread all the way!

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