Friday, August 6, 2010

Tiny Tidbits I

In the kitchen, cooking dinner and singing to the boys:

Me: Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the......
Sam: ...fiddle
Me: The cow jumped over the...
Sam: ...fence.


Making breakfast for the boys and discussing an age old dilemma...

Owen: (as I am getting ready to crack open an egg). What's that?
Me: An egg.
Owen: Where'd it come from?
Me: Where do you think it came from?
Sam: A chicken.
Owen: Where does chickens comes from?
Me: An egg.
Owen: Where'd the egg come from?
Me: Where do eggs come from?
Sam: Chickens.
Me: Which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?
Sam: Chicken.
Me: But where did the chicken come from?
Sam: An egg.
Me: But where did the egg come from?
Sam: A chicken.
Me: But where did the chicken come from?
Owen: Grandma's house!

Dilemma solved.


It's somewhere between 2-3 o'clock, which is "quiet" time for the boys, and my "me" time. Owen comes downstairs, clearly not about to fall asleep, and starts talking to me.

Me: Owen, if you are going to be down here, then you need to be laying on the couch with your book, reading silently.
Owen: Why?
Me: Because this is Mommy's time. 
Owen: When is it MY time?


It's nap time again and Owen has spent the last 1-2 hours upstairs talking, so I finally let him come downstairs to have rest time on the couch. After the gazillionth time that Owen has stopped reading to strike up a conversation with me:

Me: Owen, you need to lay down and read your book or you are going back upstairs to have rest time up there. 
Owen: Mom. When rest time's done, I got to hug you.



  1. I hope you hugged him after that comment ;)

  2. @Shelley: No, as awful as it sounds to admit this, I did NOT hug him after that. I waited until after rest time was over and hugged him then.

    @OBG: He has his moments, usually when he's trying to get out of doing something he doesn't want to.

    @Laura: Thanks!


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