Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiny Tidbits II

Owen has just finished using the potty...

Me: Owen! Did you go poopy in your underwear?!
Owen: Yeah.
Me: Why?!
Owen: 'Cause me crazy.


While getting Owen redressed after incident mentioned above:

Owen: Daddy yike you, Mom.
Me: Daddy likes me?
Owen: Yeah. A yiddle bit.


While changing Ben's dirty diaper:

Owen: That an easy job to do! Changing Ben's poopy diaper!
Me: I'm glad you think so, kiddo. I don't see you offering to do it!


During lunchtime. I have sliced up an apple for Owen and put it out of his reach until he has finished his sandwich:

Owen: Moving the bowl in front of him. I got to put this closer to me.
Me: Don't eat it until your sandwich is finished.
Owen: Inching it even closer to him. I got to taste this to see if I will yike them.  
Me: Oh, really? You do?
Owen: With a sly grin on his face, he nibbles on a slice of apple. Mmmmmm.


  1. cutie... love the 'cause me crazy'... thats a good one, I use it sometimes (though def. not for the same situation!)... he has learned young ;)

  2. Sure you don't. :-) He calls me crazy sometimes too. He says, "Mom, you crazy," when I'm doing something that he doesn't understand why.


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