Monday, March 28, 2011

If I Only Had a Girl.... Or Money.

Earlier today, Jenny from Babblings of a Mommy shared with her readers some great items that she picked up this weekend. Although they were all clothing for little girls, and I haven't a single one, I couldn't resist checking out her list. She shared this cute zebra print dress from Gymboree...

...which led me straight to the site to see more. Here are some of my favorite baby girl items (click on the images to learn more). A mommy of boys can dream, right?:

Then she shared a few items from Kohl's. So I wandered over there to check out the selection. These are my faves:

And of course, no "window shopping" wishlist can be complete without a visit to Old Navy:

I was actually surprised at how many non "girlie-girl" items are available right now, (by my definition of girlie, that is). What do you think? Any favorite items?


  1. This post makes me really glad that I don't have a girl--I'd be broke!

  2. Good God! Have you gone crazy! (I will send you my thoughts on these at a later. G just got home and we're off to the gym.)

  3. Gymboree Thumbs Up: 2-6, 12, 14-15
    Kohl's Thumbs Up: 6, 9, 11, 12
    Old Navy Thumbs Up: 3, 10, 12, 19, 23

  4. EXACTLY, TB! I would also be broke. Except that I kind of already am. :-)

    OBG, I don't know how you #ed 11 & 12 from Kohl's.

  5. Thanks for this I need to shop old navy for my girl. I don't think she would wear that dress though I have tried similar. She won't even wear her cute gator cheer leader uniform. I let them have some choice.

  6. Oh no, Jodi! I don't know what I would do if I had a girl and she didn't want to wear any cute little dresses!


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