Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- My First One!

So I'm participating in my first Random Tuesday Thoughts. It may also be my only Random Tuesday Thoughts, but we'll see.



I watched the Oscars this weekend, mainly because I felt as though I needed to make up for missing the other award shows. I gotta say, I was not impressed. First of all, I just don't get what the big deal is with James Franco. Where's the appeal? I don't think he's cute or entertaining. I vote to bring back Hugh Jackman! And speaking of which, I've never really been a fan of Anne Hathaway, but that poor girl pretty much carried the hosting responsibilities. I loved her "tribute" to Hugh Jackman! And felt sorry for her when her nervous "geekiness" peeked through. I also think Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law would be great hosts!

In related news, am I the only one left who still asks, "What the hell is this Twitter thing?" Seriously. I still don't get it. Obviously, I'm not signed up for it or know anything about it. But I'm in no hurry to make the choice to learn more about it. Maybe that's because everyone is doing it and talking about it. I'm sure that if I checked it out, I would get it, but not happening. I also think that it was rather rude of James Franco to be Tweeting while hosting the Oscars. 

I just found out yesterday that our Girl Scout cookies are in! We ordered the Samoas and Tagalongs, but I'm sure that I'm not going to see a single one. Daddio ordered them from a coworker who will be delivering them to work, which is where I'm sure they will stay. I was surprised to find out that Girl Scouts now earn prizes for selling cookies! It's one of those "If you sell this many... you win this!" deals. When did this happen? What happened to selling cookies as a way of building self-esteem and confidence and working your skills to earn a badge? When I was a Girl Scout, that's the only thing we "won." Unless you sold the most. Then I think you won a special prize, but that's it. Not impressed Girl Scouts. 

 Checked the weather report this morning and guess what? More snow. Spring can't come soon enough! I cannot wait to bust out the stroller and start walking to the library, or take the boys to the playground. Okay, truth be told, I'm not the one who usually brings them to the playground, Daddio is. He's so much better at running around and entertaining them there than I am. But I would still like to have the option and possibility of doing it. Go away snow.

 I'm hating on Barney right now. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, (played by Neil Patrick Harris for those of you now in the know), not the purple dinosaur, although I can't stand him either. How could he just walk away from Nora like that last night? I think that it was totally sweet, and human of him to finally have some normal feelings for a woman, and I get where it might scare him off, but come on! She's gorgeous, has a great accent, and super cute clothing! What more could he possible want? Get your shit together, Barney! It's time to end your playboy ways.

 I have another secret blog that no one else knows about, or at least none of you do. It's mainly fashion/style related, but by no means do I consider myself a fashionista, or a professional of any kind in that department. It's pretty difficult to acquire an up-to-date and fashionable wardrobe when you are unemployed and penniless. It's really more of a place for me to discuss the things that I wish I could own, or how I wish I could look, and dress vicariously through others' wardrobes, but feel free to check it out nonetheless.


  1. I wasn't fussy on James Franco myself. I do agree with you in that Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. would be AWESOME hosts!

    Happy RTT!

  2. Welcome to the randomness. It's fun.

    I watched the Oscars and thought the hosts were ok. Definitely think RDJ and Jude would be great for the job! Maybe next year? ;)

  3. James Franco looked stoned. He's an odd bird. I follow him on TWITTER, and he's always posting really random photos. I picture him yelling, "I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MY ART TO YOU!!!" at me.

    I didn't understand Twitter at all either, until I joined. I love it now. I use it more than Facebbok, actually. It's fun to have a place where my fb friends can't see what I say, where I can complain about them if I want, without any fear of angry comments. I really enjoy following celebrities, also, because they often will tweet back to you if you tweet them an interesting question or comment.

    Actually, it was thanks to following Chase Hampton on Twitter that I found this article he posted today about Damon Pampolina:


    I just like it. It's nice to simplify things sometimes! :)

  4. I'm with you on the Tweeting thing, I have no clue what it is or how it works. Totally beyond me, and I haven't had interest enough to even look it up... for no particular reason.
    I would like some Girl Scout cookies. Yum yum...

  5. Don't get James Franco OR Twitter either. Oh well. I love the "secret" blog except, now it's not secret! Happy Tuesday!

  6. I didn't think about it but RDJ and Jude Law would rock as hosts. We should start a petition.

  7. I didn't get twitter either.
    Then I joined.
    It took over my life.
    I found myself checking and tweeting at the movie theatre. I ALMOST tweeted during a wedding.
    I became one of THOSE kind of people.
    I recently deleted my account.
    I miss it but actually enjoying life is better without having to take the time to tweet about enjoying it! :)

  8. (I knew about it and have been reading it for weeks. Hee Hee. I'm sneaky)

  9. Hey, welcome to RTT...
    I missed the Oscars...but reading all the general reviews looks like it wasnt much of a loss.. :)
    Im not on Twitter either... I dont think it would be possible for me to contain my verbal diaorrhea to the word limit...
    Anyways... cheers!

  10. @Kristine: Thanks. I had a hard time staying awake for the whole thing too!

    @Shannon: Thank you. Congrats on talking your daughter out of that wild bedding! I prefer your choice too.

    @TB: You are a god. Thank you for sharing that article! You have presented me with a pretty strong argument for checking out Twitter.

    @Shelley: You don't have Girl Scouts up there? :)

    @CC: "Secret" as in no one really knows about it. And thank you.

  11. @allstarme: That is a petition that I will sign!

    @Katie: I think that's kind of what I'm afraid of happening with me and Twitter. I always put off Reading the Harry Potter books b/c everyone else was doing it, but then had to read them for a class and became obsessed!

    @OBG: So you're the one? :-) It wasn't really too difficult to find since I was following myself. :-)

    @Sonz: Thank you. You really didn't miss much at all when you missed the Oscars.

  12. I didn't watch the oscars but i love hugh jackman as well and I secretly named my son after his wolverine character haha. Annnnnd I don't tweet or twitter or whatev' they call it, don't get it either and don't care too. It's been nice the last 2 days or so in CT, hopefully your getting some sun too :)


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