Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

It's really awful what is happening in Japan right now. I'm not going to mention too much about it because everyone else is already talking about it much better than I probably could, but I did want to share this photo:

Source: AP

It just brought tears to my eyes when I read in this article that this four-month-old baby girl, who was found among the rubble, was reunited with her father who thought that she had been washed away in the waves. It is awful how many people have died as a result of the tsunami, but when I think about all of the helpless babies lost, who really had no help at all, it breaks my heart. At least most adults and older children have a fighting chance at surviving this, basically due to the fact that they can use their bodies to try to escape. But a baby has no chance at all, unless aided by someone else. Just thinking about how many young children were probably lost to the waves hits me pretty hard. I am so glad that this lucky little girl made it through and was reunited with her father. (I have not seen any word about her mother).  

I couldn't imagine what I would do, how I would react, if anything like this were to happen to my family. It's during times like this when we should be truly grateful for the people we have in our lives.


  1. I read an article that said both parents survived and were together, but the baby was separated from them during the tsunami. The rescuers were able to get the baby to her father, but the mother was also alive at their wrecked home.

  2. Thank you, Vandy! It's good to hear that her mother survived as well!

  3. Gee, thanks for the tears. It is heartbreaking though. I also tear up when I see children whose parents are still missing.

  4. Hey, I have something for you over at my blog.


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