Monday, March 21, 2011

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Or at least Vandy from The Testosterone Three and Me does because she's given me another award! Yay Vandy! Thanks a million! This time it's the Cherry on Top Award:

The rules for accepting this award (because there are always rules) are to list three things that I love about myself, share a picture of me, and nominate five other blogs for this award. I'm not quite sure which of these three is going to be the most difficult for me to complete! But here goes:

1. I love that I am really good with remembering names. This is especially helpful as a substitute teacher. It always freaks out the kids when they discover that I know their names, even if I haven't been their sub in two years. I can also remember every single name of anyone who has ever been a fellow classmate of mine, from Kindergarten through our senior year. Whether the person was in our class for one year, three months, or five years, I can probably tell you his or her name. I'm told that it's a special talent. If only I could get paid to remember names!

2. I love that I am such a perfectionist about certain things. If I am doing something that will reflect on me and my skills, (i.e. scrap booking, editing student writing, blogging, baking etc.), then I have to make sure that it is perfect (or at least nearly perfect), before presenting it to the rest of the world. I think that this is a positive thing because it helps to show me in a more professional light and shows that I care about my work. However, it can also be a negative as it often takes me that much longer just to get something simple finished! (Like this post!)

3. I love that I have the ability to laugh at myself and my goofy quirks. I sing and dance like a fool, especially with my boys. I trip up the stairs. I run into walls. I make silly faces and produce the most random of thoughts. How can I not laugh at myself for any of that?

And now a photo of me, which will be difficult to track down because I'm usually the one behind the camera:

I don't really have demon eyes in person.
It's not of excellent quality, but it's the most recent photo of myself that I have (taken on St. Patrick's Day, to be exact).

And now, five blogs that deserve this award:

1. Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time (Not only is her blog beautiful, but so is her family).

2. Erin from Things I've Learned Talking to Myself (One of the most open and honest bloggers I have encountered. And that's a beautiful thing).

3. Shannon from Welcome to the Nuthouse! (A fellow Jane Austen fanatic. She also shares a love for handbags and shoes).

4. TB from Year 31 (A woman who is just as obsessed with The MMC as I am, and in my book, that's an automatic win. And if you have to ask what "The MMC" is, then you obviously didn't deserve this award. :-))

5. And last but not least, The Bittersweet Blonde (Although slacking off as of late, she has a knack for finding some beautiful household (etc.) items to share).

Congratulations, ladies! Be sure to the share the love!


  1. #3 sounds a lot like meeeee! In fact, just yesterday I fell up the stairs while singing and dancing. Perhaps I'm not so great at multi-tasking. :)

  2. Thank you thank you! I'm grateful to have a subject for my next blog entry, as inspiration has been eluding me lately. :)

    I wish I had a good memory for names. I can meet someone four times and still forget their name. It's embarrassing. Thank goodness for Facebook--photo tags have saved my booty many a time.

  3. Point taken (again), and thank you. (Although, in my defense, everything that I've been wanting to post has been heavily baby-influenced, and I felt like that might get old pretty quickly)

  4. @Amanda: That's pretty funny. I hope that you don't mind that I'm laughing at you right now. :-)

    @TB: You're welcome! And I'm so glad that I helped you to overcome some writer's block. Yay me!

    @OBG: Baby-influenced items never get too old. Bring it on!

  5. Awwww, thanks!

    I'm usually the one behind the camera, too. I'd much rather take the photo than be in it, LOL!

  6. Uh... done! And you have yet to make an appearance.

  7. Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing with me!

  8. @Shannon: You're welcome!

    @OBG: I have, briefly. I was busy last night and today. I will check it out again later.

    @WW: Thanks and you're welcome!


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