Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm an Awesome Blogger!

Special thanks goes out to Vandy over at The Testosterone Three and Me for nominating me for an Awesome Blog Award! Thank you Vandy!

So the rules of accepting this award are that I have to share seven things about myself that you may not know, and then nominate other blogs that I think are awesome (unspecified number). Pretty typical rules, and easy peasy.

  1. I am not the greatest of swimmers. I can hold my own for short distances, but don't expect me to swim very far. Or underwater. I never learned how to hold my breath underwater. Yep. That means I'm an adult nose plugger! Keep your judgment to yourself please.
  2. I love to dance. I don't mean dance as in out at a bar or dance club grinding up against complete strangers. I mean"choreographed" dancing. When I was younger I had the secret desire to be a dancer, like a backup dancer, or one of the kids from Glee, but without the singing. I can't sing. Something choreographed. I attempted swing dance lessons my first year in college, but only made it to one class. Recently, I have taken a few Zumba classes and am now taking what we call "Progressive Line Dancing" (not country line dancing) and love both. In fact, several people in my class have asked if I have a background in dance, and when I reply, "Not at all!" have said that I'm a natural. It makes me feel good about myself. Especially since most people I know are constantly reminding me of how uncoordinated I am.
  3. I have a twin sister. (Most of you are probably already aware of this). She's older. By 19 minutes. And she currently lives in Virginia. And she's expecting, due a day after Ben's birthday (how "twin-like" is that?) I miss her.
  4. When we were  younger, (we're talking early elementary school) my twin sister and I were world travelers. Our father was the captain of a cargo ship in the Merchant Marines and sometimes we would travel with him. We've been to Portugal, Holland, and London (possible more). I only remember bits and pieces of London; it was our last trip abroad and happened while we were in second grade.
  5. I have always had a fascination with anything related to Henry VIII and his six wives, ever since visiting Madam Tussaud's wax museum in London (one of the things I remember). I think it may have been the idea that he could behead a wife without getting into trouble for it that first intrigued me.
  6. I hate seafood, specifically shellfish; I can tolerate some fish if it doesn't taste too fishy. It's not necessarily the taste of shellfish that gets me, it's the texture. The chewy, spongy, slimy texture. Ew. I can't even think about it. Gross. Blech. Gag. 
  7. It took me over 30 minutes to come up with the past 6 things you may not know about me. Seriously. Apparently this wasn't as "easy peasy" as I had originally thought.

Now to pass this along. I'm nominating a few awesome blogs that I have recently discovered and try to read every day:

You're up, ladies!


  1. Oh thanks, this is way cool!

  2. Glad you liked it! And yes we moms of boys do have to stick together.

  3. 1. Remember swim lessons at Summer Playground? I remember being the last one in the shallow end because I was too terrified to go under. What was the teacher's name again? Mrs. Zelinski?
    2. Apparently you have forgotten your role as a skunk during ballet class? Or a soldier in tap? Or how 'bout the sad topper on the birthday cake (or was it in a music box)? C'mon now. You're just leading people on. No background in dance. Geesh.
    3. I miss you too. And now I'm crying. And here I had gone two days without crying.
    4. I think we stayed on the ship while in port in Germany once. I remember flying fish.
    5. Remember Paula? Gawd. She was a nightmare.
    6. Scallops are nasty.

  4. OBG: 1.I remember lessons at the pool behind Stewart's.
    2.I wasn't counting ballet or tap b/c that's not the type of dance I was referring too. I don't think that counts. And I have no idea what you are talking about...cake topper? Music box?
    3.I'll send you some tissues.
    4.Yes, I recall that now too.
    5. Yes. I remember Paula, but not what her personality was like.
    6. I concur.

  5. you are so awesome :) I love having you come by the blog - and I obviously need to swing by here more often - we adult nose pluggers need to stick together :)

  6. uhh I don't know how I missed this from a week ago. Thank you so much!!!!! & that's so cool about your traveling. My cousins are in the Merchant Marines & their routes always seem to cool.


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