Sunday, March 13, 2011

All About Owen

For my 100th post, I was going to post "100 Things About Us", but then I figured that it would have been too long of a post and no one would have read the entire thing. So instead, I'm going to split it up into separate posts. Today, it's All About Owen!

1. Owen was born in Alpine, Texas, at 6:50 AM (CDT). On his due date, because he's good like that. He weighed 7 lbs. 7.5 oz. and was 20 inches long.

2. We did not have Owen's name 100% decided upon until after he was born. "Owen" was not a choice on either of our name lists. About a month or so before he was born, I had a dream that his name was Owen, and it just felt right. His middle name is David; Daddio picked it to honor one of his good friends who passed away a few months before Owen was born. (Both of my nephews also share the middle name; it is my step-dad's name-their grandfather).

3. I had a rough labor with Owen. Although it didn't last very long (labor pains started around midnight, we arrived at the hospital around 2 AM, he was born 5 hours later, 2-3 hours past the doctor's prediction because a spinal block slowed down the labor), I was pushing for a while and the spinal block had already worn off; was not prepared for that at all! They eventually had to try forceps and then the vacuum thing. Thankfully that worked! But it also resulted in a huge bruise on the top of Owen's head. Which then lead to jaundice. We were released from the hospital on a Thursday, the day after he was born, only to be resubmitted on Monday so Owen could receive treatment. All of the nurses said that they were not surprised to see him back, and had in fact expected it. Unfortunately, they had failed to tell us that when we were first discharged!

Poor little guy

4. Owen suffers from outbreaks of severe eczema. His first outbreak was when he was about one month old. I had no idea what was going on when his whole face started breaking out. First I though that it was just baby acne, but then it started oozing and crusting over. It was everywhere, even in his ears. He now gets it mainly on the backs of his knees, his lower back, and face.

Starting to clear up.

5. Owen is lactose intolerant and allergic to walnuts. Seriously. It seems like he suffers from everything! He's my "problem" child (Ben suffered from none of these things).

6. His favorite colors are purple and blue green (Apparently today he has changed his mind and no longer likes blue).

7. Ever since he was a baby, Owen has been a weird sleeper. He always had to have his blankets piled on top of him and covering his head.

Don't worry. He can breathe.
He now has to sleep with every single blanket on top of him. Seriously. If there is a blanket somewhere within sight of him, it has to be placed on top of him before he will go to sleep. But I suppose that's to be expected from a child who sleeps like a hoarder. He also likes to sleep with stuffed animals tucked into his shirt. It is not uncommon for him to come downstairs for breakfast with his purple hippo or "Snuggle Bear" (one of those little bear heads on a blanket) still hanging out inside his shirt. He's a kangaroo, I swear.

8. Owen wants everyone to know that he has a girlfriend. And her name is Lilly. They are going to get married. Lilly's dad won't let her have a kitty at her house, so she said that she and Owen are going to have one when they have a house of their own one day. So cute.

9. Owen really likes to wrestle. (Mommy does not). In fact, he and Ben wrestling right now. In Ben's crib. Without shirts on. Owen says, "Ben. Let's wrestle. I's Hulk Hogan. You is the giant. I's going to body slam you." I'm not really impressed by this. (Can you guess what video clip Daddio has recently let them watch?)

10. Owen also wanted me to let everyone know that he is going to school. Next year he will be starting Pre-K. He is very excited about this because he gets to ride a school bus and make Mommy cry because he is growing up.

11. He likes to make funny faces.

12. Owen has a sweet tooth. It's his upper left cuspid. It's right next to his "vegebatle tooth".

13. During his spare time, Owen moonlights as a race car driver. Sometimes as a basketball player. And other times as a swimming or surfer guy. (He plays "dress-up").

14. Owen's favorite 'toon is Scooby-Doo and his favorite movie is the "dump movie" (Toy Story 3, and I swear, if I have to watch that movie one more time.... Anyone else totally tear up during it?)

15. Owen "shares his heart" with Ben. (I think that means he loves him).

16. He also likes to go camping. Which is fine during the summer time when Daddio actually takes the boys on camping trips, but at other times, this means that he piles every single blanket and pillow and stuffed animal into the middle of the floor. That's where they sleep. Then all of his toys get thrown into another pile to make the campfire. It's always a joy to clean up after a camping trip. (In fact, the boys are downstairs right now camping in the living room. They started out in the upstairs hallway).

17. He claims that his favorite food is pizza. And quesadillas. And vegetables. (Don't be fooled by that last one. He only eats broccoli and lettuce).

18. Owen loves to sing and dance, as long as it's not in public.

19. If Owen could tell someone anything about himself that he wants them to know, he would say, "I's handsome."

20. When he grows up, he wants to be Superman Spider-Man! No, a farmer, a truck with a man in it, a superhero, a fireman. A police officer and fight bad guys.

(And two hours, a wrestling match, a camping trip, three "I's love yous, Ben"s, and one hiney wipe later, I'm finally finished!)


  1. When I first saw this title I thought, "Holy sh*t! What month is this?" I thought I had missed his birthday. Silly me.

    Poor Owen. All those hardships.

    You forgot to mention that "Owen" was MY name, and you stole it from me when I inadvertently projected it to you in your dream because I was terrified you were going to use it. Which, obviously, you did. Any names you want to project my way? I've got nothing yet.

  2. I thought the same thing, April... had a quick panic attack that I somehow forgot it too when I saw the post.

  3. my VeggieTeen (soon to be 16) used to have horrendous eczema... to the tune of sewing tube socks to his pajamas arms and legs each night to prevent him from scratching himself raw... he has some pretty interesting scarring - BUT (because I wouldn't tell you that without a positive side) he did grow out of it about the time he turned 4... it was such a blessing for all of us!!!


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