Saturday, July 10, 2010

Read to Me, Please!: Itsy Bitsy Spider

                                                                                                                                     Every week, I take Owen to the library for story hour and to checkout new books. After coming across a plethora of less than mediocre children's books, I have decided to review some of our favorites, and some of our not so favorites.

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Keith Chapman

Itsy Bitsy Spider, written by Keith Chapman, the creator of Bob the Builder, does not disappoint as an enjoyable rhyming story for preschoolers.

The title of this picture book is a little misleading as one may be expecting a story based on the classic Itsy Bitsy Spider nursery rhyme. What young readers get instead, is a story about a little spider being blown around a farm by a strong gust of wind. He travels across each page, getting tangled up with various farm animals.

The writing style of this book is ideal for preschool children as the author uses rhythmic sounds through nursery rhyme-style verse. The story itself is written so it fits along with and can be sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider, making it even more enjoyable for preschool readers. Questions, such as "Itsy Bitsy Spider, what's he stuck on now?", are asked throughout the story, actively involving young readers. The book also introduces them to the many barnyard animals noises, providing them with the chance to mimic the sounds made by the pig, goat, cow, and many more.

Illustrated by Jack Tickle, Itsy Bitsy Spider is filled with delightful pictures throughout. Bright and colorful farm animals fill the pages and provide young readers with several opportunities for active reading and interaction with the illustrations. Children will delight in searching for where Itsy Bitsy has landed as he travels through the pages. Preschoolers can practice their colors and numbers as they locate and count the various flowers and bugs among the background images. An extra treat for children is the illustrator's use of silver glitter that outlines Itsy Bitsy's spider web throughout the entire book.

Itsy Bitsy Spider's reading level is ideal for ages 4-8, but will be enjoyed and frequently requested as a favorite bedtime story by younger children as well.

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