Friday, July 9, 2010

Dance, Baby, Dance

Owen is like me in so many ways. He looks like me. He stands like me. He runs into walls like me. He is a little mini-Mommy. Unfortunately, that means that he has inherited some of my shyness as well.
At home, Owen is a loud, energetic, rambunctious crazy man, but get him in public, and he turns into a shy little boy. At home, Owen, like Mommy, dances his heart out and sings at the top of his lungs, but get him in public, and he's an inanimate statue. This is never more frustrating than when we are at the library for story hour.

Next stop: Lion King on Broadway

I usually take Owen every week to story hour and every week they sing the same song, "The More We Get Together", complete with signing. Owen knows the song. He knows the signs. He will sing it with me at home every day, but he absolutely REFUSES to sing it at the library.

It became a game with him. He knows that Mommy and Miss Library want him to sing it each week, so each week, as soon as the song starts, he puts his hands firmly on his hips and grins at us. He knows what he is doing, refusing to play our game, refusing to perform on cue. Some days, he will tell us that he IS going to sing, but as soon as Miss Library starts, he gets that sneaky smirk on his face with his hands planted on his hips.

I am NOT singing. No way, no how.

Today, the summer program started at the library. They haven't had story hour since May. This morning, Owen told me that he was going to sing at the library. And guess what?

He did! He sang "The More We Get Together"! He did the signs! He even sang two songs about pirates!

And I missed it all.

I had decided to stay home with Ben because he can get rather antsy during story hour. So Daddio took Sam and Owen today. And I missed the moment when Owen decided that because he was a big boy now (it happens when you turn 3), he was going to start singing in public. And he was so excited and proud to tell me that he sang at the library; I almost cried. 

At least I still have this little gem of a moment to enjoy time and time again:

Lady Antebellum's newest backup singer.

This post was originally written on Wednesday, the REAL library day, and scheduled to be posted on Friday as I will be traveling out of town on Friday and away from my computer...

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