Monday, July 19, 2010


We stopped by my dad's house yesterday for what was only supposed to be a quick visit, but turned into a 5 hour one, complete with 4-wheeler rides, dinner and blueberry picking!

It turns out that they have a lot of blueberry patches on their property, so my dad's girlfriend is encouraging all visitors to pick their own blueberries. I have never picked blueberries before, so it was a new experience. Let me rephrase that; it was a long, tedious, back-aching, experience.

Blueberries, blueberries everywhere!

Four of us started out picking: myself, my dad's girlfriend, Sam, and Owen. The boys were super excited to be able to pick the blueberries. They each had their own bowl, and in the beginning, Owen was eating more than he was putting in his bowl.

"Hmmmm. Which one looks the tastiest?"

Found it! Yummy!

Both Sam and Owen enjoyed bending down to search for the blueberries and finding the ones that were ripe enough, for about 10 minutes that is. Then we lost Sam. He decided he'd rather go hang out with Daddio, Ben and Grandpa.

But Owen kept at it. For 5 more minutes. Then he got distracted looking at the deer poopies and trying to pick flowers for Mommy. He also had to pee in the trees a couple of times and felt the need to weed the blueberry patches. At some point Sam returned, but it was only to go exploring the various paths among the "woods" with Owen.

 "I need to pick this weed."

Half an hour and multiple bug bites later, we ended up with two bowls full of blueberries.

 This was only a quarter of our loot.

"Look how many I have!"         "They're all mine."        

Now all we have to do is to figure out which comes first, blueberry pancakes or blueberry muffins?

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