Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet Me at the Playground

Last night before he went to bed, Owen asked me, "What we do tomorrow?" "Well what do you want to do tomorrow?" I asked him in return. "Play outside. Play inside. Play outside. Just play."

This small conversation, and Owen's simple response made me really think how innocent and carefree are the lives of children. No responsibilities, no obligations, no stress. The biggest thing that they have to worry about is whether they will be able to play outside the next day or if the rain will spoil their plans.

Oh, to be young again. How nice it would be not to have to stress over the daily annoyances that make up the life of a grown-up. How wonderful it would be to have someone else around to take care of things for me. Someone to pick out my clothes for me, to make my meals, to do my laundry and make my bed, to brush my teeth... well, maybe not brush my teeth for me; that would just be weird. But you get the idea.

This morning, as we were starting our day, I asked the boys what they wanted to do today, and again, Owen said, "Just play." Oh, you carefree, innocent children. How I envy you, I thought to myself as I took a look at my "To Do" list for the day. Then they asked me if I could take them to the playground. (Trips to the playground are usually taken with Daddio, after dinner, to give me a little break while I clean up the kitchen). I thought about my list again, trying to figure out where I could fit in a trip to the playground in my already busy schedule of baking muffins, loads of laundry, and sweeping. But then I thought, To hell with my list! (because truth be told, I probably wasn't going to do any of it today anyway. It is Sunday after all, isn't that supposed to be a day of rest?).

So I got the boys dressed, took a shower, (I refuse to go anywhere even remotely public without a shower first), put the older boys on their bikes, Ben in his stroller, and we were off to the playground! Just like that. Without scheduling it in first. (Yes, I am one of those anal people who make extensive lists and has to plan out everything for the day. If I don't, then it never gets done). And we had fun. The boys chased each other around and I got in some exercise climbing after Ben as he explored the playground. I'm considering scheduling a trip to playground before lunch every day now. The chores can wait, right?

He's having fun. Really. He is.

From a different trip. I didn't bring my camera today.


  1. I really wish I could be little again sometimes, kids these days have it so good!


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