Saturday, July 24, 2010

Read to Me, Please!: Bumpety Bump

One of the books that I selected for Owen from the library this week is Bumpety Bump! by Pat Hutchins. I chose this book because it centers around a boy and his grandpa as they work on the farm.

The main premise to this story is that while the little boy and his grandpa are working on the farm, a little red hen follows them wherever they go. Along the way, the boy shows the little red hen what he is able to do, things like picking berries and pulling carrots. By the end of the story, the little red hen has stopped following the boy to show him what she can do. 

For the most part, this is a delightful book. The illustrations are bright and detailed and Owen has fun pointing to each vegetable as the boy in the book shows the hen what he can do. Owen likes to say the lines "bumpety bump bump- and the little red hen keeps following us, following us around" as they are repeated throughout the story. 

Grandpa books are a common theme of selection for us as Owen is Grandpa's boy through and through. Any time we go to visit Grandma and Grandpa, he immediately wants to go outside to "work" with Grandpa. "Work" usually consists of building things in Grandpa's workshop in the garage, tending to the vegetable garden, and taking care of the chickens.

Bumpety Bump! was the perfect choice for Owen as the boy in the story is just like him. He works with his grandfather all day, tending to the vegetables and the rest of the farm. Thanks to Grandpa's chickens, Owen is now fascinated by any chickens that he sees and loves searching for the little red hen on each page. This book has become Owen's first choice of books to take with him to bed this week for "quiet" time and bedtime. As soon as he crawls into bed, he has to make sure that he has the "Grandpa" book next to him!

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